The mules of politics, without pride of ancestry, or hope of posterity.

Of the Liberal Unionists.  O’Connor Power entry, Oxford Book of Quotations.

The land of Ireland for the people of Ireland.

At the founding meeting of the Mayo Tenants Defence Association, Castlebar, 26 October, 1878.

The true patriot is not the one who clamours to lead the parade but the man who walks last.

Louisville, Kentucky, St Patrick’s Day 1888.

Nothing is so fatal to corruption as publicity and discussion.

Edmund Burke and his Abiding Influence, North American Review, 1897.

Blarney is something more than mere flattery. It is flattery sweetened by humour and flavoured by wit.

Irish Wit and Humour, Time, 1890.

I ask is faith not to be kept with the dead?

Is it another broken treaty?, Irish Independent, 19 June 1916. Cork Examiner, 20 June 1916.

The thrust of a rapier is more deadly than the blow of a blackthorn stick.

The Making of an Orator,  p.44

What is acquired by violence is generally dissipated by profligacy.

The Condition of Ireland, 1975.

Of Wit.  The Irish is distinguished by sympathy, the English by sarcasm, and the American by exaggeration.

Irish Wit and Humour, Time, May 1890, pp. 474-481.

The triumph of faction means the defeat of freedom.

Freeman’s Journal, 20 October, 1877. That Irishman, p.75.

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