The Devon Commission (1845) dealt with tenant right issues and not with the treatment of political prisoners.

In August 1876, O’Connor Power re-opened the amnesty issue in the House of Commons.  He told the House that in 1870 the Government set up a Commission of Enquiry into prison treatment.  The Commission recommended that political prisoners be removed from contact with other offenders. The recommendation was never implemented.


The Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland was enacted 1869.

… instead of making Catholic emancipation a fundamental article of the Treaty of Union, you inserted in the very heart of that document a provision which for a period of sixty-nine years was regarded by the Irish nation as an insulting badge of conquest. The only article in the Treaty which is declared to be ‘an essential and fundamental part’ thereof is the fifth, which recites that the Church of one-fifth of the population, as by law established, shall be continued and preserved for ever in perpetual ascendancy.

The Anglo-Irish Quarrel: A Plea for Peace, 1886.


Before the establishment of the Supreme Council a V was the designation for the Head Centre of one of the four provinces of Ireland.  In official letters, the letter of the alphabet used referred to the letter preceding it. VC was the coded abbreviation for the United Brotherhood, Clann na Gael.

Endnote 521

The wealthy Galway physician and surgeon, William A Sandys, was the son of a Roscommon Catholic landlord. In early January 1906, he wrote to John Redmond from the National Liberal Club, telling him that O’Connor Power had approached him about re-entering parliament.

Rotunda/Rotundo.  There was a Rotunda meeting room and also a Rotundo room.

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